“A project on groundwater research inventory and classification to make groundwater visible”.

Our approach is as follows:

KINDRA A4 trifold DEFThe overall objective of the project is to take stock of Europe’s contemporary practical and scientific knowledge of hydrogeology research and innovation with the help of an inventory of research results, activities, projects and programmes, and then use the inventory to identify critical research challenges and gaps, with a view to avoiding overlaps. This approach takes into account the implementation of the Water Framework Directive and latest innovation areas within integrated water resources management, allowing at EU scale the future correct management and policy development of groundwater. The project started on 1 January 2015 and lasts for 36 months; work is divided into five work packages.

Project Coordinator

Marco Petitta, Associate Professor of Hydrogeology
Sapienza University of Rome, Earth Sciences Department, Italy
Phone: 0039-06-49914834

Project Officer: Sotirios Kanellopoulos

KINDRA (Knowledge Inventory for hydrogeology research, Grant Agreement No. 642047) is funded by the European Commission’s HORIZON2020 Framework Programme.